Lots of pet owners are currently trusting the internet to find tips or advice on the health of their pets. Based on a survey, pet owners checks online if their pets are not feeling well, while others check back on their veterinarian’s page after their pet’s check-up.

Do you have an active online presence? Whenever pet lovers or owners go online searching for services about the health of their pets – is it YOU that they find first?


For vets, having a mobile-responsive website is significant. According to a report, a huge percentage of veterinarians advertise through a website. Another report shows that pet owners collect health advice or tips using their mobile devices. The question is, do you have veterinarian website to promote your clinic? Is it available to all online users, including smartphone owners?

Every online search starts at a search engine. Most medical service searchers use Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Are the pet owners able to locate your website when they push the search option? Los Angeles SEO for veterinarians or Santa Monica SEO for veterinarians is what you need as 77 percent of people looking for health-related topics won’t find you unless you are visible on the first page of search engines.

Almost all vets nowadays utilize social media when marketing their accomplishments online. Vets are creating a shift from brochures and leaflets to Facebook likes and share. Updating social media pages and spending one to two hours a week on your social media accounts are just some tips on social media management for veterinarians that you can do.

A huge number of consumers utilize Local Search. Local SEO for veterinarians Los Angeles or SEO for veterinarians Santa Monica can greatly benefit your pet clinic. Enlist your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) on directories, and listings to gain more customers.

One essential part of online marketing for veterinarians are the comments and reviews of pet owners. Seventy percent of online users are considering the reviews or feedbacks for vets before doing their final transaction. A large percentage of online consumers believe online reviews as exceptionally useful compared to expert reviews.

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