Email Marketing

Although considered a traditional form of marketing, email marketing Los Angeles or email marketing Santa Monica still drives a better engagement with customers and provides an investment return compared to other marketing techniques.

Check out the benefits of Email Marketing below:

1. Time and Effort-friendly. Unlike performing print postal mailings and calling out to target leads which require valuable time, email marketing allows the use of templates which you can just edit or tweak a little bit before sending out. What’s more, the task can be accomplished by just one employee rather than having a whole team work on the marketing strategies.

2. Up-to-date Messages/ Blasts. Whether you have a sale, promo or is launching a new product, email marketing allows you to
inform your contacts or customer list about what’s new with your company with just a few clicks of the mouse.

3. Personalized Messages. One thing you can do with email marketing is to sort your email list and create smaller groups which you can then send personalized emails to. Unlike other marketing campaigns which are done in a “one-size fits all” format, you can be intimate with your contacts through the content of your email.

4. Segmentation of Lists. As mentioned above, you can segregate your contacts and send each group with the most relevant information or message depending on their industry, needs, interests, etc.

5. Frequency of Communication. Although it’s not recommended that you send out emails more than once a week, the point is that email marketing allows you to communicate to your customers more frequently and with less hassle on your time.

6. Analytics. Unlike other marketing, email marketing’s tracking tools allow you to view the action (or lack thereof) of your readers to the email you sent out. You get to see click rates, open rates, and so on. This will allow you the chance to change/edit/redesign your template and gauge your customers’ reaction each time.

7. Spread of Information. Clear call to action (CTA) on your email enables easy sharing of the email to your clients’ circle of contacts especially if you’re blasting out sales or discounts through your email.

8. Budget-friendly. Aside from the software and the template (if you want a personalized template) that you’ll have to purchase, email marketing if=s by far the cheapest way to reach out to potential and existing clients.

9. Email marketing allows testing.
It allows you to send out test emails for you to check if your links are working and your graphics are attractive enough to merit the attention of your readers.

10. Environment-friendly. Cut down on your carbon footprints with email marketing. You don’t have to take down and burn posters, banners or flyers with email marketing.

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