24 Nov
an seo company knows the value of a mobile responsive website

Is Your Site Mobile-Ready?

You may already know that, when you hire an SEO company to design your website, they also take into consideration your users’ mobile experiences.  But how is it done?  First, a definition.  “Optimizing for mobile” simply means designing your website so that it’s convenient and comfortable for a user who is accessing the site via […]

20 Nov
how to maximize gmail ads

Tips on How to Crack the Code on Gmail Ads

Google gives advertisers an opportunity to reach out to people in their inboxes via Gmail ads. Unlike in search engines where, in order to get noticed by potential leads, an SEO company has to get rankings by publishing SEO-friendly content, with Gmail ads users get targeted based on the activities on their personal Gmail accounts. […]

09 Nov
Hiring An SEO company Los Angeles Why Is Local Better

Why Hiring a Local SEO Company is Better?

You know that this is the internet age, but you may be hesitant about whether you really need to hire professionals to manage your business’s online presence.  Doesn’t your website take care of that?  When hiring an SEO company Los Angeles businesses can see a significant boost in their search engine ranking.  This translates into […]

27 Oct

How Optimizing Your Website’s Images Can Help Get Your Company Noticed

We’re a visual society these days, and most people instinctively know that adding images to their webpage helps encourage readers to engage with the post.  But, used correctly, images can have another function as well: getting the attention of search engines like Google.   Does Just Adding Images Work? Not quite.  There are a few […]

14 Sep

Tips to Become Successful in Any SEO Campaign

SEO has been proven to benefit several online businesses. From being a nobody, they soon established a steady online presence and solid business credibility. However, it’s no secret that there are also a few who never tasted great success. Rather, they saw themselves at the bottom of the ranking.   Why? What could have happened? […]

31 Aug
Budget-Friendly SEO Techniques You Can Use For Your Business

Budget-Friendly SEO Techniques You Can Use For Your Business

SEO is without a doubt helpful in establishing the online reputation of businesses. It also doesn’t cost a lot, thus it’s favorable for businesses working on a tight budget. Although it takes some time to produce results, its positive effect on businesses is long-term. Today, we’ll list down some SEO techniques that won’t at all […]

30 Aug
How to Effectively Budget Your Ad Spend

How to Effectively Budget Your Ad Spend

A marketing research conducted last year revealed that over $7 billion has been wasted due to poor quality ads. A significant portion of this comes from digital ad campaigns which were found to be built with low-performing search terms. Surprisingly, most of these clients didn’t even know they’re already losing. They failed to notice which […]

25 Aug
Aim High With a Good Combination of SEO and PPC

Aim High With a Good Combination of SEO and PPC

When it comes to search engine marketing, it’s important that you build an online presence to increase sales. That’s why marketers turn into the magic of SEO with the hope that they’ll one day sit on top of the search results pages. As good as it sounds, it’s never easy to accomplish this with SEO alone. As […]

17 Aug
How to Top Your SEO Competitors

How to Top Your SEO Competitors

SEO is all about technique. If you don’t know much about it, chances are you’ll eat the dust of your competitors. You’ll surely wonder why you’re not successful with search engines despite your perceived outstanding SEO efforts. How do you start analyzing what could have gone wrong? Here are steps you can do to step […]

11 Aug

How to Increase Brand Loyalty Using Social Media

It’s important for you and your business to promote brand loyalty. It’s because customers, who advocate for your product or service, are far more effective in enhancing the credibility and popularity of your business. You won’t only have consumers who continue buying your brand over time, but you’ll also have “ambassadors” who can spread awareness […]

04 Aug
importance of website speed in SEO

Why Website Speed is Important

Alright, you got a lovely website with nice animation, good content, and a couple of functionality. But do you think that’s good enough? In addition to SEO and the appearance, your website should offer top-notch user experience. One of the first things your visitors would notice is your website’s speed. Needless to say, it should […]

01 Aug

Smart Ways of Repurposing Content for LinkedIn

As the SEO adage goes, “content is king.” That’s enough reason to spend more time and effort in creating high-quality content. You don’t only want readers to notice your site and drive traffic. In addition, you want search engines to recognize your pages and give you a good ranking on the search results page. Considering […]