10 Apr

What SEO Can Do For Your Business

Nowadays,  SEO  or Search Engine Optimization and hiring the best SEO company Los Angeles Ca are more important than ever! It is a form of an online marketing strategy which is focused on increasing the business’ visibility on search engine results on a non-paid manner. Also, it is a practice of improving the quantity and […]

05 Apr

How To Pick The Best SEO Company

The word Search Engine Optimization alone can be quite confusing and perplexing. However, the benefits it can give your online business are too good to turn down. Selecting the best SEO company Los Angeles Ca is a very tiring and critical process. With all the promises to get your business to the first page of […]

03 Apr

How to Optimize Your e-Commerce Site Using SEO

These days, reaching the first page isn’t enough. You must rank number one because if you’re missing out on traffic, you’re probably also missing out on getting leads and sales. Leading the competition on Google is a must. Whether you’re preparing to start with a new website or improving an existing one, you have to […]

29 Mar

Reasons Why E-commerce Businesses Need to be Social

Social media marketing has done an enormous job in helping E-commerce companies in Los Angeles reach their business goals these past few years. In 2014, a survey to understand the field of digital marketing in relation to e-commerce better was performed and the results show that E-commerce companies have experienced a 25 percent increase in sales through […]

24 Mar

Why Choose WordPress?

It commenced in 2003 as an application for making blogs, WordPress now powers roughly 20% of the internet users worldwide. That’s almost a quarter of all websites including the 14.7 percent of the top million sites on the internet.   What makes WordPress a superior choice for every business, looking for a secure, flexible Content […]

23 Mar

Which is Better: Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

As a  business owner, the continual growth of your business year after year is what you all look forward to. How can social media like Facebook advertising and search engine Google AdWords strategies benefit your business growth? Either of these two paid media options is capable of working successfully to help you significantly reach your […]

17 Mar

How to Measure SEO Success

You are thrilled seeing that your content spread far and wide on the web and it gives your ego a little boost when you get comments or likes on a blog or a  Facebook post. Blogs or posts are meant, of course, to get your potential customers interested and ultimately make sales off of it. […]

23 Feb

How Instagram Improves SEO

The world’s popular online mobile photo-sharing site, loved by people all over the world, is just getting better. Instagram’s growth is surprising! A little app that just started with 13 employees and had 30 million users in 2012 is now a giant social networking service. Statistics showed that as of December 2016, Instagram has a […]

14 Feb

Benefits of Links You Should Know

What is internal linking? Web practitioners may have several terms for this, but in a broad term, internal linking refers to any links from a page on a domain which leads to another page on the same domain. Internal Linking is already considered as an SEO Santa Monica power method, particularly for content marketing. Its […]

13 Feb

SEO Tricks That Will Move Your Ranking Needle

“Hacking”  SEO is saving time and doing things as efficiently as possible. But no to gray or black hat techniques to be noticed by the search engines! SEO Santa Monica rules must be observed at all times, but that doesn’t mean that you need to waste time to do things the hard way. You could […]

25 Jan

How to Optimize your Video for Search Engines

For a long time, it was not easy to say what would benefit a video rank in search engines like Google. But the good thing is, it has become a lot easier than it used to be. Online videos have become a powerful form of content that you can apply to make a significant contribution […]

20 Jan

Why SEO and PPC Should Work Together

Are you a business owner trying to catch your potential customers’ attention? Competition is a lot tougher these days and having a website is simply not enough. It is time to start using PPC marketing to catch more leads that convert. An SEO company Los Angeles like Drive Traffic Media is what you need. We […]