19 Aug
Signs It's About Time to Redesign Your Website

Signs It’s About Time to Redesign Your Website

Functional websites require constant updates due to the fact that we’d need to adapt to the frequent changes on the Internet. Slack off a bit and you’ll see your website dive steeply to the bottom of the search results pages. At first glance, everything may seem okay. But if you’ll look very closely, there could […]

17 Aug
How to Top Your SEO Competitors

How to Top Your SEO Competitors

SEO is all about technique. If you don’t know much about it, chances are you’ll eat the dust of your competitors. You’ll surely wonder why you’re not successful with search engines despite your perceived outstanding SEO efforts. How do you start analyzing what could have gone wrong? Here are steps you can do to step […]

11 Aug

How to Increase Brand Loyalty Using Social Media

It’s important for you and your business to promote brand loyalty. It’s because customers, who advocate for your product or service, are far more effective in enhancing the credibility and popularity of your business. You won’t only have consumers who continue buying your brand over time, but you’ll also have “ambassadors” who can spread awareness […]

04 Aug
importance of website speed in SEO

Why Website Speed is Important

Alright, you got a lovely website with nice animation, good content, and a couple of functionality. But do you think that’s good enough? In addition to SEO and the appearance, your website should offer top-notch user experience. One of the first things your visitors would notice is your website’s speed. Needless to say, it should […]

01 Aug

Smart Ways of Repurposing Content for LinkedIn

As the SEO adage goes, “content is king.” That’s enough reason to spend more time and effort in creating high-quality content. You don’t only want readers to notice your site and drive traffic. In addition, you want search engines to recognize your pages and give you a good ranking on the search results page. Considering […]

27 Jul

Tips on Improving Your Offsite SEO and Brand’s Online Visibility

By now, you may have heard a thousand times the importance of online presence to a company’s success. No wonder many businesses hire experts to keep up with the competition. Sad to say, there are still some who are slow at utilizing the Internet to their advantage. For some who did, they also failed to […]

27 Jul

Effective Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation and SEO Efforts

Keeping your company’s presence felt online is a challenge. For one, you’ll constantly look for ways to have a good customer base. Second, you make sure your customers are happy by providing good customer experience. Most importantly, you maintain a good reputation online to give your SEO effort the extra boost it needs. The fact […]

27 Jul

Online Reviews: What’s in it for Consumers and Businesses?

If you’re new to a certain place, it’s going to be quite hard to choose which is good or not. Thankfully, a lot of people share their experiences online and express their heart out on how satisfied or dissatisfied they have been on a certain restaurant, hotel, etc. Surveys reveal that over 70% of customers […]

26 Jul

Difference of Video Ranking on Google and YouTube

Recently, we came across a study on how Google and YouTube differently rank videos. An independent research found out that the discrepancy of the ranking of the results pages is almost frequently over 50%. For example, when you search about NASA space missions, YouTube would have “Mission to Mars 2024” on top of their list, […]

26 Jul

Social Media Safety Tips 101

Since the emergence of Facebook, social media has all the more become too exciting. People from all walks of life turn into their computers or mobile devices to endlessly share pictures, posts, and a lot more. Much to the delight of everyone, more platforms surfaced such as Twitter and Instagram. They both quickly gained popularity […]

21 Jul

How To Keep Kids With Social Media Accounts Safe

Without a doubt, social media has radically changed how people of all ages communicate with each other. We’ve learned new terminologies such as Unfriend, Tweet, etc. Surprisingly, we have even used them a lot in our daily conversation. In a recent research, over 75% of millennials check Twitter daily and more than 20% of the […]

18 Jul

Best SEO Practices That Owners of Small Websites Can Do

Maintaining a site is almost a never-ending process. Thus it’s no surprise to see huge sites with thousands of pages indexed in various search engines. This obviously means a lot of SEO work. What makes SEO interesting is how equally tough it can be done on small websites. With very few backlinks and less content […]