Social Media Management

With the amplified use of social media as a marketing tool, wider sales opportunities and a broader reach to a bigger target audience are expected. Social media is now leading in helping businesses acquire more sales and reach target audience with 100 percent rate compared to outbound marketing.

Why Choose Social Media Management?

Customers and potential customers for your Los Angeles or Santa Monica business are in social media. Inf act, survey shows that online users have been spending one in every six minutes every day on social networks. There is also one in every four who spend time on the internet as social media users. Statistics are only telling us that there are greater opportunities to reach and engage with customers via social channels.

Acquiring likes, shares, tweets, +1s, is the same as building your audience’ trust, loyalty, and recommendations on the brand. The more engaged your followers are, the bigger your amplification factor grows that could, later on, turn into higher reach and deeper engagement.

The social cycle is an ongoing process similar to the buying cycle. Intensifying or boosting your posts makes the difference as it broadcasts your products or service to a bigger audience thus brand recognition and value get strengthened. In fact, a survey shows that 76 percent of social media users are in a good mood whenever they use any of the social media platforms. When they are in a good mood, businesses benefit because they are more likely to buy.

Social Media Platforms

Facebook has always been considered and remained to be an important social network. Surging to more than 1.9 billion monthly active users, with seven hundred ninety-four million (794 million)  logging in daily,  marketers consider this social media network as essential to their lead generation strategies.

Global social media network

LinkedIn is recognized as the largest professional business network with 400 million users in 200 countries and more than two sign-ups every second. Marketers prefer to use this platform in distributing B2b (business to business) content also known as e-biz.

Twitter is another social media platform making 2.1 billion search queries per day. According to research, nearly half of the users are following online brands and products. Twitter is also a great venue for businesses to generate leads.

Google+ has now reached 2.2 billion enabled accounts and has 359 million monthly active users. Pinterest is another fast-growing visual social network with 100 million users. Users perform 3400 pins every minute and is said to be more exciting as 87% of users have bought products they saw on Pinterest.

Online users are believed to count on social media in making the purchase decision. Hence it is recommended to go social work for your Los Angeles or Santa Monica business to reach and to engage your buying audience.  Start today because your competition is getting social too.

Let us help you take your online marketing campaign to the social level.

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