Website Design

These days if you don’t have a website you pretty much don’t exist. Web sites are truly the marvels of our digital age as they are windows into your world, your life, your products, your services. They are accessible nearly everywhere in the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This kind of online advertising is certainly worth the minor investment it takes to make a website.

Meticulous process

The development would be one to two weeks as long as you are responsive with approvals and needed images and content writing. We have had sites ready a lot faster but just being safe for launch times. We will build the site on a private hosting URL during development. When the site is complete, we will move to new hosting and the main URL.

  • First DayWe will create the layout (this means creating the structure of the site containing slider, boxes, image display, content, contact forms, Google maps and everything that goes on the site)
  • Second DayWe will create pages and add content (create each page and insert the content from the current site – adding product name, description, price in each category by setting up the right functions)
  • Third DayUpdate of all the content
  • Fourth-dayFinal changes (color scheme, icons, retouch changes). Within two weeks the site should be complete from start to finish as long as you are responsive to changes and needed input.

Mobile users dominate the online scene today. In fact, over 3.4 Billion or 46.1 percent of the entire population are using mobile devices! If you don’t go where most online users are, you lose the opportunity to reach them.

According to a survey, 36 percent say that they only waste the user’s time if they can’t access websites through their smartphones. 48 percent are annoyed and frustrated if the site they visit is non-mobile friendly. The same percentage of respondents say that a business whose website is not mobile-responsive doesn’t care about their customers. When asked, 50 percent stated that they’d use the site less if it is not accessible on their mobile devices and 52 percent will not engage with the company page if it has brought them a bad mobile experience.

Notwithstanding the result of the survey, mobile-responsive web designs allow users to view all website pages no matter what size of device they use. There isn’t a need to zoom in or out to read content, and the design itself allows wider browser support thus providing a customized and tailored experience to users.

As a business owner aiming to get the most out of your ROI, a mobile-friendly website design can save you money as there isn’t any need for you to maintain multiple sites. It can be optimized across all platforms so search engines bots can crawl and index it efficiently. Remember this, if your site caters to all users effectively, your site’s user index (UI) increases and so does your ranking on SERPs.

Besides, a survey shows that 74 percent of users are likely to revisit a mobile-responsive site, and 67 percent will more likely buy from a mobile-friendly e-commerce site. What’s more? There’s a 62 percent increase in sales for companies who got their sites redesigned.

So what are you waiting for?

Reap all the benefits from online sales through a Los Angeles responsive web design! Improve your SEO and be accessible to all who are searching for your products or services online through a mobile-friendly site. Call us today at 1(888) 375-3058 and we’ll customize a mobile-responsive theme to provide your Los Angeles business with better online conversions.