Top 5 Reasons Facebook Ads Work

04 Jan

Top 5 Reasons Facebook Ads Work

As a business owner, managing all the latest marketing strategies can be difficult. With the help of Facebook Ads that can be simple. Facebook Ads can generate a whole bunch of new leads and grow your overall business! By reaching a larger audience your business can have continued success, all depending on your strategy and company budget.


Facebook Advertising can be HUGE GAME CHANGER in your business. Want to know why?


  1. Facebook Ads allow you to reach a TARGETED AUDIENCE, meaning only the most relevant users will actually see the advertisement. Facebook allows you to create a customer profile through “audience segmentation.”  Facebook then displays the ad to only the IDEAL AUDIENCE,  who exhibit the behaviors and belong to the demographics which shows interest in your business.
  2. Facebook Ads help create the BRAND AWARENESS you are looking for. By evaluating how much time people spend looking at different ads, Facebook can tell which people are more likely to watch and recall your ad, and optimizes the campaign accordingly. This overall not only proves that your campaign gained exposure but also forms relationships with people who feel connected to your business, even after an ad campaign has finished.
  3. Facebook has over 2 billion ACTIVE USERS! The opportunity is clearly there, it’s just a matter of filtering to cater to your business’s audience. Facebook’s overall growth is tremendous and is only growing despite public belief.  
  4. Facebook Ads are the most COST EFFECTIVE way to get your business out there! The average Cost Per Click (CPC) is about $0.35 globally and about $0.28 in the U.S!
  5. Facebook Ads allow you to develop two different kinds of campaigns PAID SEARCH and PAID SOCIAL, overall catering to your business needs. Whether you need to be easily found or you need to find prospective customers, Facebook Ads can help.  


Understand your client and your business goals before you enter the Facebook Ad Realm. No success will come from goals that are not marketed correctly.  Your business has to have the RIGHT objective directed at the RIGHT people.

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