How Google Determines Website Authority

02 Jun

How Google Determines Website Authority

Website authority is a by-product of multiple factors i.e. trust rank, relevance, and endorsement from websites who have earned a position of authority from search engines according to SEO company experts. What does it mean? It means it is a well-known site frequently sought-after by people because of the quality of its content and that others willingly refer to because it is particularly good. One aspect of website authority can be achieved by producing a time line and consistently creating fresh, attractive and SEO-relevant content. Nurture your site by designing methods, architecture, and content with competitive keywords or terms to help it virtually ranked. Relevant keywords on every web page help online searchers notice your site.

The king of search engines (Google) did not release a single “authority” metric to determine who or what’s authoritative. Instead, Google views an array of undisclosed metrics.

Originally, the system used by Google to list pages to answer particular searches is called PageRank. PageRank is all about looking at different links to site pages. Counting not only how many links a certain page received to help obtain a PageRank score for that specific page but also calculating the importance of those links. However, PageRank was just one part of Google’s ranking algorithm. Site pages with a lot of PageRank were not guaranteed to be on top of Google’s search results, but the actual words or keywords within links has bigger impact.

As of today, relevant contents and links are still among the most important ranking signals together with Google’s RankBrain system. However, Google told Search Engine Land that none of these metrics or signals involve a single factor for “site authority.” One of Google’s senior engineers, Paul Haahr, mentioned that Google uses a whole bunch of things to help increase the amount of authority in search engine results. Although, Google’s not providing any specifics, what it wants to convey to us is that there is a bucket of factors to arrive at a proxy for authority.

The main key still is to have your hired SEO company Los Angeles make authoritative content more visible to people on a “per-page basis” and not on “domain authority,” hoping to receive good feedback from quality raters.




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