Should You Switch Your Website to HTTPS?

11 May

Should You Switch Your Website to HTTPS?

The approach of HTTPS has always been a good one. In fact,  surveys have reported that Google’s first page ranking of HTTPS sites have risen from 3 to 50 percent over a period of nine months.


What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

HTTP is otherwise known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol which allows the transfer of data across the internet. It aims to “forget” the web users’ previous web session making the browsing experience fast. HTTPS or Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol, on the other hand, is intended for exchanging secure transactions.


Leading businesses implemented HTTPS a long time ago to bring awareness to an excellent protocol upgrade. Also, Google identified several reasons why you need to switch to HTTPS.


  1. Exchanged data is encrypted. While the user is browsing a https website, encryption from eavesdroppers is secured so nobody can monitor online conversation, track activities and steal information. The user’s communication with the intended website is protected by “man in the middle attacks”  so it’s impossible for anyone to trick customers to provide you data.


  1. Data Integrity. Data would not be compromised during transfer, intentionally or otherwise, as detection is immediate.


  1. HTTPS can help with  SEO. Security is something that Google has taken seriously, and it will have more ranking importance in the future. Business owners implementing SEO Santa Monica Ca must understand that using HTTPS is a good thing because a  small boost in rankings today may become a significant leap in the future plus you get to protect your users by offering them a more secure site.


Which Websites Require HTTPS?


Websites that are accepting payments or relevant personal information for any reason must need to have an  HTTPS on their pages.

However, if you just have a blog site and all you require from your users is to enter their email addresses, you don’t need HTTPS.

Finally,  Google prefers sites that are trusted and certified because of the assurance to the users that the site encrypts information providing users with an extra level of security.

It is important also to understand that getting a certificate involved a task – that is why it allows for higher SEO Santa Monica ranking benefits.


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