How to Measure SEO Success

17 Mar

How to Measure SEO Success

You are thrilled seeing that your content spread far and wide on the web and it gives your ego a little boost when you get comments or likes on a blog or a  Facebook post. Blogs or posts are meant, of course, to get your potential customers interested and ultimately make sales off of it.

But how can you measure and determine if those blogs from your SEO company Los Angeles Ca campaign is the reason behind the sales or additional traffic to your site?  One important element is tracking the right data as this will not only show the value of your investment and effort in your campaign but will help refine and give you better results. It is necessary to implement results-based actions within your SEO campaign, and your metrics should be recorded and analyzed.

SEO can vary hugely depending on the type of business you’re in, and your objectives, but three key performance indicators are typically measured when measuring your campaign’s effectiveness: Rankings, Traffic, and Conversions


  1. Check and understand Organic and Direct traffic as these metrics tells you if your campaign is making an impact or driving traffic to the website.


  1. Keyword Ranking.  Get an accurate measure of your ranking for specific keywords, or perform average ranking by measuring the volume and quality of traffic on your site. First-page keyword rankings deliver the essential, but it is useless if they don’t deliver enough of the right kind of traffic.


  1. If your goal is to increase leads, conversions should be determined based on your specific targets which include contact requests, appointment or phone calls. You need to distinguish conversions from organic search. Customer conversion rate determines how many leads were generated by a particular search term who turn into paying customers.


Create and implement a system in place to track the monetary value of the campaign which your SEO company Los Angeles City is running to determine whether there’s return on your investment or not. This will provide you an actionable data to help you make the right decisions to ensure your SEO campaign’s current and future success.


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