The Significance of Local SEO to Businesses

13 Jul

The Significance of Local SEO to Businesses

Running a small business has just become more dynamic and more competitive. Almost always, there are new trendseen in the market. This prompts business owners to think very quickly and adapt to changes to remain on top. Otherwise, there’s someone else who’ll jump into the possible leads and reap all the profits.

Possibly the most talked about generation right now are the millennials. With a global population of over 10 billion people, they’re a huge source of income. It, therefore, just makes sense to focus on their buying habits and act accordingly based on this information. This is where local SEO proves beneficial.

Millennials and Local SEO

It’s no secret how millennials are overly attached to their mobile devices. As a result, businesses are shifting towards some digital trends to effectively connect to the younger generation.
An independent marketing research found out that Millennials rely heavily on search engines and online directories when looking for local businesses. Hence, optimizing websites and entering important information such as the business name, address, and telephone number is essential. All these data can drive leads and can be converted to sales if you can use local SEO efficiently.

Below are some local SEO tactics that have been proven to be effective according to marketing strategists:

Use of creative meta title, meta description, and well-structured data markup

The meta title or your website’s page title is a critical factor when it comes to page rankings. One should take the time to create a unique meta title by taking note of its syntax, making use of relevant keywords, and matching it to the brand of the site.
Meanwhile, the meta description is intended to provide visitors with a brief summary about your site. It serves as a decisive point for visitors as it will draw them to open your page or ignore it. If your meta title and meta description both look good, your site will have more chances of getting more visitors.

Wise use of Google My Business

Indeed, some of the best things in the world are free. You can sign up and complete your Google My Business page by filling it out with other important elements such as your opening hours and payment methods. They’re not just a good addition to your company name, address, and phone number, but they also expose you in local searches.

Listing your business in online directories and reviews

It’s important that you consistently and accurately update your business information in various online business directories such as Yellowpages, Merchant Circle, and Yelp. In addition to making your business found easily by consumers, you’re creating brand retention.

Moreover, having your local business reviewed is also a great way of taking your company closer to consumers. Most customers, nowadays, lean on businesses with good reviews and ratings.

Mobile Marketing and Local SEO

Several industries, which have used mobile marketing together with local SEO, have seen significant success. In fact, several studies have shown that online searches performed in smartphones and tablets converted to purchases in physical stores.

Here are some interesting facts about consumers’ local search behavior in the US:
• Over 40% of consumers were found to perform a local search using their tablets or smartphones before heading to a physical store.
• More than 20% of local searches in mobile devices were successfully converted to sales.
• About 80% of customers prefer to have the ads in websites tailored to their specific zip code or nearby surroundings.
• Four out of 5 consumers prefer to do local searches using their tablets, smartphones, and computers.


As old as local SEO gets, the more it’s getting useful for businesses. It does not only allow a company to easily adapt to changes based on consumer trends, but it likewise bridges any gap in between its customers. Step up your SEO game now and enjoy all the benefits you deserve.
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