Reasons Why E-commerce Businesses Need to be Social

29 Mar

Reasons Why E-commerce Businesses Need to be Social

Social media marketing has done an enormous job in helping E-commerce companies in Los Angeles reach their business goals these past few years. In 2014, a survey to understand the field of digital marketing in relation to e-commerce better was performed and the results show that E-commerce companies have experienced a 25 percent increase in sales through social media marketing.


Evidently, it showed how powerful social media is in connecting businesses with their audience and target markets. Social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are just some of the platforms which E-commerce companies can utilize to:


* showcase and provide information about their product or service online,

*communicate to their audience, and most importantly,

*Sell to gain sales.


On the other hand, social media won’t grow just from posting and liking photos online and connecting and following friends on Facebook. Over the past years, social media has become a boulevard for building communities, promotion of social events, and marketing E-commerce businesses across platforms. Social media has a big contribution to the evolution of online marketing and shopping. When a consumer wants to purchase a product or service, social media is the first avenue to turn to even before would-be buyers check their online stores. Consumer’s buying decision nowadays is influenced by what they see on social media. Everything from cosmetics to gadgets, household items and buying almost anything overseas.


Companies or businesses who are not into e-commerce yet should not waste time sitting and thinking twice into adopting a social media marketing strategy to multiply sales growth. Here are the reasons why Los Angeles e-commerce sites need to be social:


*People today are always online! They are always on the move and very social.


*Without an active social media presence, consumers might wonder how effective or good or true is your product or service. Consumers will check for positive and negative reviews through various social media channels.


*Since e-commerce is also driven by web traffic, social media is all-important in leading product awareness and for driving followers to your landing pages.


*The fastest and the easiest way to reach out to brands customer care is via social media. Consumers prefer to ask questions and expect answers through social media than email or phone support.


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