Tips on How to Crack the Code on Gmail Ads

20 Nov
how to maximize gmail ads

Tips on How to Crack the Code on Gmail Ads

Google gives advertisers an opportunity to reach out to people in their inboxes via Gmail ads. Unlike in search engines where, in order to get noticed by potential leads, an SEO company has to get rankings by publishing SEO-friendly content, with Gmail ads users get targeted based on the activities on their personal Gmail accounts.

Here’s How to Make the Most out of Gmail Ads


1. Improve your quality score

Yes, Gmail ads have a quality score! This must be a surprise to many people because when you are on the receiving end, you don’t get to see the quality score. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. If you improve your quality score, by creating engaging subject lines on your emails (thus, increasing the tendency for open clicks), Google will award you. Have you ever wondered why there are $0.10 per click and there are those that will give you as much as $1.15 per click? It’s the difference in how you write the subject line!


2. Leverage existing email marketing campaign data

Statistics indicate that over 87% of the companies have used email marketing at least once. If you have sent out emails before (like in MailChimp, ConstantContact, etc.), you would have an idea which ones performed well. Sort out those emails which have high open rates and make use of the subject lines used on those. If they got high clicks organically, they have a higher chance of getting opened via Gmail Ads.


3. Use Emojis

Who doesn’t love emojis? Using emojis on your Gmail ads will increase the open rate. Ensure that you include an emoji in the subject line to capture the attention of the people on the receiving end. Thank me later for this.


4. Use several ads format

There are four different Gmail ad formats: Gmail image template, Gmail single promotion template, Gmail multi-product template and the Gmail catalog template. Make use of them all. You will realize that certain offers work best when you combine or alternate between the formats. The goal is to capture the attention of the person on the receiving end and entice them to click on the Gmail ads. Make your presentation look more appealing by including different formats.

Google presents several cost-effective ways for advertisers to market their brands. Make sure that you optimize your own Gmail ads campaign to reach a bigger audience and achieve higher conversions.

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